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Vince Taormina Named Chair of Young Lawyers Division

Vince Taormina has been named Chair-Elect of the BAMSL Young Lawyers' Division.

Vince Taormina Named Chair of Young Lawyers Division
Vince Taormina

After years of dedicated involvement, Vince Taormina has been named the Chair-Elect of the Young Lawyers' Division ("YLD") for the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis ("BAMSL"). BAMSL is the second-largest bar association in the state of Missouri, second only to the Missouri Bar Association. With over 6,000 members, BAMSL is one of the most active local bar associations in the country.

As Chair-Elect, Vince will help foster the growth, mission, and focus of BAMSL YLD, and once he assumes the Chair position in May 2023, he hopes to grow BAMSL YLD into a nationally-recognized organization for young lawyers. One major focus for Vince is active involvement through community outreach and social programming. An organization is only as good as its members, and by building an inclusive, supportive, and active environment for young lawyers throughout the St. Louis area will allow BAMSL YLD to flourish for many years to come. Young lawyers are the judges, politicians, and civic leaders of tomorrow, and Vince believes that BAMSL YLD should reflect that.

Another advantage to Vince serving as Chair-Elect is that he has access to hundreds of excellent attorneys. If any client needs any legal help that is outside the wheelhouse of The Taormina Firm, they can contact Vince at any time and he will refer them to a trust attorney who is willing to help.

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