We have moved into our brand new downtown office at the corner of Broadway and Bellview

We focus on serving our clients through both traditional and innovative legal services.

The world is always evolving. Our goal is to embrace the evolution, not resist it.

The legal industry is resistant to change, especially estate and business planning. Because society and business is ever-changing, at The Taormina Firm, we believe that legal services must change as well. That is why we offer a variety of legal services with tiered pricing and offerings.

Of interest for most potential clients is our innovative Virtual Planning options. Our clients find this to be the easiest and most cost-effective way to conduct essential estate planning.

For potential clients looking to enter into a traditional attorney-client relationship, we have your back too. We will work closely and diligently with you to provide you with hands-on legal expertise in a way that you can easily understand.

No matter which way you use our services, we hope that you will return to us for future legal needs, or tell your friends about us!


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The Taormina Firm is the only St. Louis law firm offering its clients Virtual Planning options

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