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our client-driven approach

As a St. Louis estate planning and personal injury law firm, The Taormina Firm has one simple belief: that our clients drive the attorney-client relationship, not the other way around.

What We Do


The Taormina Firm works closely with its clients to create Revocable Living Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, and Asset Protection Trusts to fit their needs.


As an estate planning law firm, The Taormina Firm drafts Wills on your behalf so that you, not the government, decides who gets what after your death.

Family Protection

The Taormina Firm works with young families to provide essential estate planning services in St. Louis, including guardianship provisions for your children.

Car Accidents

As an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney, Vince Taormina of The Taormina Firm works with each client to help reach the best result possible.

Trucking Accidents

The Taormina Firm helps those injured from semi-truck wrecks by giving them some of the best personal injury representation possible.

Our Client-Driven Approach

We Work With You, Not For You

The practice of law is slow to change. Traditionally, lawyers have represented their clients on a whole host of matters with very little input from the client. This approach to the legal practice works, but it often leaves clients in the dark. Moreover, attorneys typically fail to explain both the law and the legal ramifications of their actions.

The Taormina Firm was founded with the intention to turn the attorney-client relationship on its head, to allow the client to have a say over, and understanding of, the matters concerning them. We work with each of our clients to find personalized and innovative solutions to the problems facing each of our clients.

Through an innovative, thoughtful, and hands-on approach to the practice of law, The Taormina Firm gives each of its clients the tools and resources necessary to optimize the law to work in their favor. Whether it be estate planning or personal injury, The Taormina Firm helps its clients make the most out of their situation, and protects their well-being by forming a true partnership with each client.

About Vince

There is a reason why so many people in the St. Louis area turn to The Taormina Firm for their estate planning or personal injury needs, and that is because of Vince Taormina. Vince believes that no stone should go unturned when representing his clients, and that all of his clients deserve quality, affordable, and personalized legal services. His vigorous, caring, and hands-on approach as a personal injury and estate planning attorney is the reason why clients walk away from the attorney-client relationship with so much satisfaction.

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