Trust Administration


Serving as trustee over a trust can be complicated. Not only is the trustee responsible for investing, managing, and distributing trust property properly, they also have to manage expectations from the trust's beneficiaries. While some trustees may decide to go it alone, it is not advisable to do so.

That is why The Taormina Firm is more than happy to help with trust administration. Our trust administration services include:

  • Trust reporting (i.e., giving an accounting of the assets and liabilities of the trust)
  • Distribution letters and notices (including Crummey withdrawal notices for ILITs)
  • Testamentary trust funding
  • Deed work
  • Trust tax returns
  • Other administrative needs

If you would like for us to help with administering a trust for which you are a trustee, please contact The Taormina Firm by phone or by email.

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