Student Plan

Virtual: $125
Traditional: $250

While college-aged individuals want to act like adults (and legally they are), many students still rely on their parents for help. Unfortunately, because college students are legal adults, their parents have to ability to act on their behalf without a power of attorney. Luckily, The Taormina Firm offers Student Plans for those entering college and wanting their parents to retain some ability to act on their behalf.

Our student plans are designed with college students in mind since those students will be our clients (not their parents). Our Student Plans include:

  • Durable Health Care POA
  • Durable General POA
  • HIPAA┬áRelease Authorization
  • FERPA┬áRelease Authorization

These documents are necessary for parents of college students to receive information pertaining to their child's health care, financial, and educational needs. And if you are a student interested in obtaining a Student Plan, as your legal representation, we are not authorized to disclose your decisions or your relationship with us to your parents without your consent.

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