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Startup founders and small business owners should be concerned with making money and ensuring that their business grows and prospers. However, founders are often too busy to worry about whether they are abiding by every legal formality. We have seen this throughout our years of practice. And while the legal structures may serve as an annoyance for some business owners, having a solid legal footing is important for the growth of the business, especially if you are seeking to raise money.

The Taormina Firm works closely with small business owners and startup founders to review all legal documentation, contracts, and incorporate documents to ensure compliance with the law and industry standards. We thoroughly comb through all of your consents and resolutions, contracts, and other documents to make sure that your business is on solid legal grounds. Having worked with a number of startups, we know that investors require companies to have sure-footed legal planning. In fact, we have had some clients who lost out on investments because they failed to conduct a proper legal review prior to our help.

The Taormina Firm wants to help you ensure that your legal foundation is firm. Please contact us today to learn more.

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