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What if I get into a car wreck?

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Car accidents are some of the most common forms of personal injury. Even a low-impact speed can cause life-altering damage to your body and way of life.


We all like to think of ourselves as good drivers. When we leave for work in the morning, we typically expect to get there safely. The same goes for the trip home. But we know from experience that others on the road may not be as careful as us. Some people text, others fail to use their turn signal, and still others decide after having a few drinks that they are perfectly capable of driving.

The statistics show, however, that not everybody on the road is a good driver. There are approximately 6,000,000 car accidents in the United States every year. That amounts to 16,438 car wrecks a day! Nearly 1.25 million people die every year from car accidents, which averages out to 3,287 car-related fatalities every day.

The simple fact of the matter is, not everyone on the road is a good driver, nor is driving a particularly safe activity. Each time we step foot in our cars we take a risk.

Car accidents are no laughing matter. Even minor ones (fender-benders) can be traumatic and cause severe injuries that can linger for the rest of your life. Moreover, many people who suffer personal injury from a car accident do not want the judgment of bringing a personal injury action against the defendant driver who hit them. There is a stigma which comes with bringing suit. That stigma, however, comes from the attorney responsible for handling the case, not you the client.

After seeking immediate medical attention and treatment following a car accident, the most important thing you can do is contact an attorney with the experience, determination, and know-how in handling these claims. This attorney should go all the way for their clients, not put their claim in another pile for quick claims processing.

That's where The Taormina Firm steps in. If you have been injured in a car accident, please contact The Taormina Firm to learn how we can help you navigate the law to make the most of your personal injury claim. Vince Taormina, a personal injury attorney and car accident attorney with The Taormina Firm, is more than willing to fight for you.