Financial Advisor Resources

Let us help you navigate your clients estate planning needs

The Taormina Firm works closely with financial advisors in the St. Louis area so that they can better equip themselves for estate planning conversations with their clients. This page aims to help answer any and all questions that clients might ask their financial advisor about estate planning.

Estate planning is tricky, especially for non-lawyers. If you or your clients have questions, let us know!

Need a refresher course on estate planning topics? Check out The Taormina Firm's video collection.

Don't know what sort of estate planning technique is right for your client? See our case studies to learn what works best.

Ask a Lawyer

I believe the job of an estate planning attorney is to educate other professionals in adjacent fields about the importance of estate planning. Feel free to submit any questions you might have (no matter how large or how small) with regard to estate planning. If you don't know which estate planning techniques might be right for your client, drop me a line and I'd be happy to have a conversation with you.

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