Family Protection

Many families worry about what will happen to them, their children, and their assets if something were to go wrong or someone were to get sick. St. Louis family estate lawyer Vince Taormina helps plan for those scenarios.


Protecting children through proper Guardianship provisions is the most important decision that a young family can make. But that can only be arranged through effective Estate Planning.

Testamentary trusts

Most parents worry about how their assets will be protected and preserved for their children after their death. Testamentary Trusts can help.

Powers of Attorney

In case you become unable to act for yourself, select a family member to act on your behalf. As an estate planning lawyer, Vince Taormina of The Taormina Firm will help you with drafting a Power of Attorney.

Healthcare Directives

Health care directives are ways for you to let your loved ones and healthcare providers know how you wish to leave this world in case you cannot express those desires for yourself.

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